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William Chamblee Wins Again – Harris County, Texas

Houston, Texas – Plaintiff filed a lawsuit against a waterpark in Houston, as well as against the manufacturer of waterpark slides. A 12-year-old suffered an injury on one of the water park slides. The injury was significant requiring surgery as well as an allegation by the plaintiffs of a need for 2 future surgeries to repair the damages. William Chamblee represented the manufacturer of the waterpark slide wherein allegations of negligence, products liability and defects in the design and manufacturing were alleged. The plaintiff asked the Jury for $12.5 million. The jury returned a unanimous verdict of no negligence on behalf of Chamblee Ryan’s Client. The jury found against the co-defendant, Park Operator awarding $875,000 in damages.

Chamblee Ryan was enormously honored to have the opportunity to represent it’s client during trial in Houston and to see the Jury arrive at a truthful verdict.

Attorney: William H. Chamblee