The stakes are high. An appellate litigation practice is unique in that it requires lawyers that are not only experts in the law, but have a keen understanding of appellate procedure and are skilled oral advocates.  Chamblee Ryan has assembled a team of talented lawyers that are dedicated to our client’s appellate needs and provide them with unrivaled representation, as our firm has drafted briefs and argued numerous times before state and federal appellate courts.  Chamblee Ryan has the skill and experience to be successful on every level of judicial proceedings on behalf of our clients when they need it most.  Our appellate attorneys are prepared, engaged, and experienced to pave the way for an effective appeal using excellent written submissions and artful oral argument.

An appeal is your second chance. Or theirs. Even the best prepared cases can end with unfavorable results.  Or perhaps, trial was successful and now opposing counsel has opted to pursue an appeal. We can erase the mistakes made by judges and juries, or defend the right ones. If a client is unhappy with a trial result, or if the opponent is likely to appeal a decision, our clients trust Chamblee Ryan through the appeals process. We provide our clients with the ability to determine if appealable issues exist; preparation, drafting and editing of appellate briefs and motions; and skillful handling of oral arguments. If our firm didn’t handle a client’s trial, we can take over for the appeal, offering a fresh perspective by taking a step back and looking at the entire context of the dispute, often bringing new insights to light.

We protect our client’s interest before they know they need it. Appellate litigation and strategy begin well before a judgment is rendered at trial- we provide services such as: drafting dispositive pre-trial motions; drafting trial motions such as motions in limine and jury charges; and handle post-trial motions when it becomes necessary. We assist trial counsel through all necessary phases of litigation to ensure that legal issues are properly preserved for appeal. Our significant experience at trial and in appeals allows Chamblee Ryan to properly preserve all issues while providing our client with superior and cost-effective legal representation.

Experience to win. Chamblee Ryan brings superior knowledge and experience to our client’s side.   For decades, the attorneys at Chamblee Ryan have demonstrated a highly technical understanding of the law and legal writing, in addition to having knowledge of the always-changing legal environment in the courts and legislature.

Representative Experience

Three-Judge Fifth District Court of Appeals panel agreed with our brief and oral argument reversing trial Judge’s determination that an expert report met the requirements laid out by the Texas Medical Liability Act and dismisses our doctor from the entire lawsuit – Attorney’s fees awarded