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We value diversity

We value diversity because it helps us better serve our clients. We strive to provide outstanding service to our diverse and growing client base, and we recognize that the best way to do this is by hiring individuals that represent diverse legal backgrounds and experience. Moreover, it’s a blatant fact that juries in courtrooms across Texas and beyond are comprised of individuals of many races and backgrounds. Good litigation firms know that life experiences influence perceptions and a commitment to diversity gives our trial teams a real advantage in communicating with diverse juries.

We are committed to diversity at all levels of the firm from our partnership to our support staff. These efforts are to be credited to the work of our human resources director, as well to the partners and associates of Chamblee Ryan. We are active and insistent on hiring a diverse assortment of professionals based on ability, accomplishments, and experience. In that regard, we do not discriminate based upon gender, race, national origin, age, religion, disability, or sexual orientation in the hiring or promotion of any staff member. Instead, we recognize that actively pursuing candidates that represent a diverse collection of individuals similar to that of our clients and juries provides a significant advantage against the opposition.