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Few firms try as many cases to a jury as we do, handling nearly every type of civil lawsuit in state or federal courts across the United States. For more than 20 years we have built a reputation as an elite firm because of that willingness to bring cases to trial, and by the exceptional results we deliver. That record gives us a profound advantage over the opposition — in the courthouse and in mediation — as our willingness to try cases also helps us earn favorable settlements.

Our success also allows us to maintain a personal, small-firm approach with all the resources and services our clients need. A collegial and casual work environment attracts talented attorneys from top law schools and from other firms, often because they can be assured of the opportunity to try cases in the courtroom.   


Our firm was founded to offer experienced and cost-effective litigation services for clients in a range of industries. Through the years this commitment has attracted some of the largest corporations in the nation, together with major regional companies, family-owned businesses, and individuals. A record of winning cases in the courtroom, coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit of our firm, has led to continued growth and service to clients in industries as varied as healthcare, transportation, construction, hospitality, retail, and manufacturing.

We passionately believe that the future of high-end litigation practice belongs to elite boutiques such as ours.  We are proud of the work we do for existing clients and are excited for the opportunity to serve new ones in the future.


We strive to be different from the rest, and our approach is what makes us different.

Our work environment, experience, talent, and results have set a standard that few other firms can match, or even emulate. Clients hire us to win their lawsuit, not simply handle it. We are recognized by opposing attorneys for our aggressive positioning of a lawsuit for trial and our innovative strategies in the courtroom. Far too often, attorneys will encourage their clients to settle for an unwarranted amount without thoroughly examining the facts of the dispute.  Those attorneys want to lose small.  We want to win big.

This focus on winning is built on communication with our clients, and understanding the realities of their business. We understand the imperative to make litigation cost-effective, not costly. We keep our staffing lean, and our overhead costs low, without sacrificing the collegial and collaborative atmosphere that supports the personality of our firm.

Client Focused

Too many law firms act as if it’s a privilege for clients to have their services.  For us, it’s a privilege for us to serve our clients.  By choosing us you’ll gain a team of dedicated lawyers with real courtroom experience, business intuition, and industry expertise. Many companies have relied on the firm since our founding and continue to send us additional work, and often referrals.  We believe that confidence and those long-term relationships speak volumes about who we are and what we do.

We are passionate about the work and the success we can achieve together.

Results Driven

Litigation, particularly the high-stakes legal claims companies often face, has gotten riskier and more expensive.  As a result, many companies are reluctant to see their cases go to trial. We’ll provide an honest assessment every step of the way, but also know we can achieve defense verdicts that other law firms are incapable of; our opposition knows this too. We’re smart, creative, and audacious, and our record of success proves just that. 

Results matter and they drive our firm.