David Walsh Interviewed on KLIF-AM ◦ Health Care

Affordable Care Act might cut doctor pay, create individual health plans: Health Care Attorney David Walsh In this interview on KLIF-AM (news talk radio, Dallas), Dallas health care attorney David M. Walsh IV describes how he expects the Affordable Care Act to play out. “I think premiums will go up in the short term, but […]

Medical Malpractice Defense Verdict in East Texas ◦ Health Care

Doug Lewis and Kimberly K. Bocell secured a unanimous defense verdict for a Sulpher Springs orthopedic surgeon in Hopkins County, Texas.  The plaintiff alleged that the surgeon fused her ankle in the wrong position during a repeat fusion surgery after she had undergone three other surgeries by different surgeons following a serious motor vehicle accident […]

Successful Defense Verdict in $950k Indemnification Case ◦ Manufacturing

Bill Chamblee, Jeff Ryan, and Jarad Kent successfully defended a Dallas-based industrial hose assembler in a statutory indemnification case arising out of a prior products liability case.  The Plaintiff in the indemnification action was a co-defendant in the underlying products liability action who had rented the industrial hose that was the subject of the underlying […]

Another Win with Truck Accident Defense Verdict ◦ Transportation

The Dallas law firm Chamblee, Ryan, Kershaw & Anderson, P.C., has successfully defended a Dallas-based trucking company in a lawsuit over a tractor-trailer injury accident. Though plaintiffs sought more than $2 million in damages, they received less than $90,000. The case involved a massage therapist who claimed a tractor-trailer owned by Dallas-based FFE Transportation Inc. […]