Family Law, Fall 2009

SOCIAL NETWORKING AND DIVORCE-RELATED PITFALLS Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin, personal blogs; the list goes on and on. Social networking has proven to be a great and useful means of communication in today’s digital age. Not only do these, and numerous other, social networking tools provide an opportunity to connect or reconnect with friends’ and family […]

Trucking Law, Fall 2009

Courts Appear to be Trending Away from Enforcement of Arbitration Provisions Some Texas trial courts and appellate courts appear to be veering away from what was once a tradition of enforcing and broadly interpreting arbitration agreements between parties that were free to negotiate the terms therein. However, a small segment of arbitration agreements that involve […]

Health Law Update, Fall 2009

Providing Medical Treatment to the Hearing Impaired Adequate communication is an essential component in the physician-patient relationship. In order to best serve the health needs of their patients, medical providers must be able to effectively communicate the information necessary for patients to make informed health care decisions. This can be complicated by obstacles to communication, […]