Discovery – It is called a “process” for a reason

By: Jessica Eaton Being sued can be an emotional experience – a lawsuit can feel like an attack on you as a person and as a professional.  The very essence of “fight or flight” is invoked – as one’s own financial, emotional and mental security is placed at stake.  There is a reason Abraham Lincoln […]

Implications of Technology on Litigation

By: Leon H. Horne, III Unquestionably, the discovery process is the most costly and laborious part of litigation – collecting the evidence of the case (documents, records, statements, and the like) from the parties and others involved requires detailed focus.  In today’s ever-changing world of technology, document production has become one of the biggest parts […]

Shelby Wilson Obtains Defense Verdict on Behalf of Veterinarian – Harrison County, Texas

Shelby Wilson, with assistance from Shawna Dalrymple, obtained a unanimous no negligence defense verdict on behalf of a Waskom, Texas veterinarian in Justice of the Peace Court Precinct 3, Harrison County, Texas. Plaintiffs brought suit against this veterinarian alleging negligence, gross negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress for the unfortunate death of their dog […]