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Bill Chamblee, along with Wade Crosnoe, Uncover the Truth Behind LOPs
April 30, 2021

On March 23, 2021, Bill Chamblee, along with Wade Crosnoe, uncover the truth behind LOPs and presented same to Adjusters.

The objective of this presentation is to inform and educate the Dallas CPCU Society Chapter (which includes insurance claims adjusters and insurance underwriters) about the increasing use of letters of protection in personal-injury litigation defended by liability insurers, the discovery that defense attorneys are seeking about letters of protection (including discovery of the plaintiff’s medical providers’ reimbursement rates with private and public health insurers for the services at issue), the potential impact of this discovery on the cost of personal-injury litigation for defendants and their liability insurers, the court rulings to date on this discovery by Texas state and federal courts, and the status of a pending Texas Supreme Court case.

Attorney: William H. Chamblee