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Texas Lawbook: Physician Billing Now Subject to Scrutiny

In a bylined article for The Texas Lawbook, the firm’s Bill Chamblee examines the implications of Texas Supreme Court rulings that have opened the door to detailed  testimony about a plaintiff’s medical bills in the course of litigation. Previously state statutes allowed attorneys to shield the billing records of physicians from juries, leading to the prospect of exaggerated fees for doctors and increased damages awarded to the injured person.

“Under this new guidance, in April of this year, our firm served as defense counsel in what was perhaps the first trial in the state involving the admissibility and cross-examination of a plaintiff’s medical bills incurred under Letters of Protection,” Chamblee writes.

During the trial, the evidence revealed that the healthcare providers inflated their fees by almost $900,000 by manipulating billing codes and procedures. Those findings ultimately supported the jury’s no-negligence, no-damages verdict in favor of the firm’s client.

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Attorney: William H. Chamblee