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David Walsh Interview With NBC5 News on Where Texas Health Care Laws and Ebola Intersect
October 24, 2014

Dallas appellate lawyer David M. Walsh IV: Where Texas health care laws and Ebola intersect

In this interview with NBC5 News’ Ken Kalthoff, Dallas health care appellate lawyer David M. Walsh IV explains how Texas health care laws and the Ebola diagnosis of the late Thomas Eric Duncan intersect. Mr. Walsh says that several years ago, Texas legislators passed laws that limit the legal liability of health care providers in emergency rooms. “The legislature came to the realization there’s a lot of different things going on that are complex in the ER, and they wanted to make sure that ER providers are willing to undertake that complexity of work,” says Walsh, a partner at Dallas-based Chamblee, Ryan, Kershaw & Anderson, P.C. Mr. Walsh, who specializes in representing doctors and medical providers, says under Texas law, survivors of a deceased patient must be able to prove there was a greater than 50-percent chance of survival.  Mr. Walsh says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has estimated Ebola patients stand no better than a 45-percent chance of survival, even with Western medical care.

The news piece can be found here.

Attorney: David M. Walsh, IV