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Bill Chamblee and Annik Morgan Win Medical Malpractice Case in Lubbock

William Chamblee and Annik Morgan win Medical Malpractice case in Lubbock, Texas involving alleged improper implantation of pacemaker.

Plaintiff filed suit against a local cardiologist in Lubbock, Texas alleging improper implantation of a pacemaker. The pacemaker was removed approximately 2 years after implantation and the Plaintiff alleged that the pacemaker should have never been implanted in the first place. Plaintiff’s expert witness was out of Arizona and the Defendant’s experts were out of Amarillo and Houston. Plaintiff had serious issues preceding implantation of the pacemaker involving near syncope, light headedness, feeling like she was in a fog, feeling as if she would pass out, shortness of breath while walking around the park, upstairs, and even while laying down. Following monitoring of the patient for a period of time, the Cardiologist made a decision to install a pacemaker. Following removal of the pacemaker approximately two years later, the Plaintiff did not need reimplantation and alleged that it was negligent to have installed the pacemaker in the first place. After approximately a week of trial, the Jury deliberated and found in favor of the Defendant Cardiologist.

Attorneys: William H. Chamblee; Annik L. Morgan