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William H. Chamblee Obtains Unanimous Defense Verdict in Bowie County – Health Care
June 9, 2021

Bill Chamblee, with the assistance of Michael Hearn, successfully defended an anesthesiologist in a case where a patient was found to have an esophageal perforation. Our client administered anesthesia for the patient and intubated him in a surgery for repair of a facial laceration suffered at work. Two days after the surgery the patient was found to have an esophageal perforation. Plaintiff alleged our client caused the perforation. The Plaintiff’s attorney claimed that the perforation was due to the negligence of the defendant doctor and that the doctor inserted the endotracheal tube far into the esophagus. Plaintiff had an expert anesthesiologist out of Tennessee testify as to standard of care and causation, as well as an economist testifying as to asserted loss of earning capacity. Defendants countered this testimony with an expert anesthesiologist and economist. Bill Chamblee cross-examined the standard of care and causation witnesses and Michael Hearn handled the damages aspect of the case.

The case was tried over four days and the jury took just over two hours to deliver a unanimous defense verdict.

Attorneys: William H. Chamblee; Michael Hearn