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William H. Chamblee and Matthew Loving Obtain Unanimous Defense Verdict on Behalf of Anesthesiology Physician, CRNA, and the Anesthesia Group
April 17, 2018

William H. Chamblee and Matthew Loving obtained a unanimous defense verdict on behalf of an anesthesiologist, a CRNA, and their practice group. Plaintiff experienced prolonged abdominal pain one year after lap band surgery. Her physician recommended a standard laparoscopic day surgery to examine the source of the pain and to diagnose any developing symptoms. Unexpected and uncontrollable bleeding occurred after the insertion of a camera into the abdomen, and the cause of the bleeding was immediately examined. After hours of repair, Plaintiff seemed to stabilize. However, a new complication arose due to a lack of clotting agents, and despite several more hours of intense efforts, the patient passed away.

A complicated procedural path lead to trial. After two interventions from the Dallas Fifth Court of Appeals and a transfer of courts, the case was set to be heard in front of a Dallas County Jury. Plaintiffs argued the CRNA, under the supervision of an anesthesiologist, negligently failed to render appropriate anesthesia medications before the surgery began. The defense demonstrated through cross examination and direct testimony how the anesthesia team delivered effective and patient-tailored care, including a personalized pre-surgery examination by the anesthesiologist. After two weeks of trial, the jury returned in less than two hours with a complete defense verdict, and a unanimous decision.

Attorneys: William H. Chamblee; Matt Loving