2009 Recap and 2010 Upcoming Events

Chamblee & Ryan is a full-service law firm that is dedicated to keeping our clients informed of the constantly evolving trends and regulations in several key areas of law. Any employer, physician, trucking company, or other professional is well aware of the fluid nature of the rules and regulations governing their business. In order to […]

Medical Malpractice, Winter 2009

A SURVEY OF SIGNIFICANT APPELLATE COURT DECISIONS IN THE AREA OF MEDICAL MALPRACTICE IN TEXAS: 2008 – 2009 As most Texans are aware, in 2003, the Texas state legislature and the citizens of Texas passed House Bill 4 and approval of a constitutional amendment, Proposition 12, also known as “tort reform,” which, among other things, […]

Family Law, Fall 2009

SOCIAL NETWORKING AND DIVORCE-RELATED PITFALLS Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin, personal blogs; the list goes on and on. Social networking has proven to be a great and useful means of communication in today’s digital age. Not only do these, and numerous other, social networking tools provide an opportunity to connect or reconnect with friends’ and family […]

Trucking Law, Fall 2009

Courts Appear to be Trending Away from Enforcement of Arbitration Provisions Some Texas trial courts and appellate courts appear to be veering away from what was once a tradition of enforcing and broadly interpreting arbitration agreements between parties that were free to negotiate the terms therein. However, a small segment of arbitration agreements that involve […]

Health Law Update, Fall 2009

Providing Medical Treatment to the Hearing Impaired Adequate communication is an essential component in the physician-patient relationship. In order to best serve the health needs of their patients, medical providers must be able to effectively communicate the information necessary for patients to make informed health care decisions. This can be complicated by obstacles to communication, […]

Employment Law, Summer 2009

Reminder: The Federal Minimum Wage rate increased, effective July 24, 2009, to $7.25 per hour. Please keep in mind that many states have minimum wage statutes that require higher hourly wages than federal. Multi-state employers should ensure compliance with each state in which they have employees. Texas relies on the federal law to establish the […]

Appellate Law, Summer 2009

9 Common Questions about Initiating the Appellate Process When Can a Party Appeal an Adverse Ruling? Generally, a party cannot appeal an adverse ruling until a final judgment has been entered. Exceptions to this general principle exist where the ruling concerns one of a limited number of statutes authorizing an interlocutory appeal or where a […]

Family Law, Spring 2009

Should You Hire An Attorney? It’s important to fully evaluate and understand what your divorce will be like. What are your goals for the divorce? Asking these questions may help you decide what the major issues are and whether hiring an attorney is beneficial for you. Support Is spousal maintenance available to you? How much […]

Trucking Law, Spring 2009

Cross Border Trade; No Symptoms of Swine Flu Reported The recent hysteria surrounding the swine flu outbreak that originated in Mexico, but has since spread across the globe, has not infected cross-border trade at this point in time. According to the American Trucking Associations, there have not been any border issues arising out of the […]