Peyton Inge’s Article Featured in Transportation & Logistics International Magazine

Peyton Inge’s article, ”Fit’ To Operate?’ was featured in the Summer 2016 issue of Transportation & Logistics International. The article references the new regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and that all trucking firms are to likely face monthly federal safety reviews. To read the entire article, please click link: transportation-logistics_2016summer_vol2. Attorney: H. […]

Douglas Lewis and Kimberly Bocell Obtain Defense Verdict on Behalf of a Pediatrician and Physician Assistant in Collin County

Doug Lewis and Kimberly Bocell successfully defended a pediatrician and physician assistant in Collin County.  The Plaintiff, the father of a young boy, alleged that Defendants failed to properly treat his son’s skin condition and failed to give proper post-treatment instructions, leading to the development of painful blisters at the site of the treatment, requiring […]

Defense Jury Verdict in Dallas County, Texas Obtained by William H. Chamblee and Jennifer H. Saucedo

William H. Chamblee and Jennifer H. Saucedo obtained a take-nothing defense verdict on behalf of a family medicine physician in Dallas County, Texas. The Plaintiffs’ 27-year-old son underwent foot surgery by a podiatrist, and the Defendant family medicine physician conducted a physical examination and provided preoperative clearance one week prior to the surgery. The surgery […]

William H. Chamblee and Jennifer H. Saucedo Obtain a Take-Nothing Defense Verdict in Rockwall, Texas

William H. Chamblee and Jennifer H. Saucedo obtained a take-nothing defense verdict on behalf of a plastic surgeon in Rockwall County, Texas. The Plaintiff underwent abdominal surgery without complication but subsequently developed wound dehiscence and fat necrosis at the incision site. Although the patient expressed concerns about infection, the surgeon did not believe there was […]

Douglas R. Lewis and Shawn Morgan Obtain a Take-Nothing Arbitration Award on Behalf of a Trucking Company

Doug Lewis and Shawn Morgan obtained a take-nothing arbitration award in a non-subscriber on behalf of a trucking company in Houston, Texas.  The claimant, a former P&D driver for the trucking company, alleged negligence against the company for failing to maintain a safe workplace, failing to provide appropriate safety equipment to assist the employee in […]