Employment Law Newsletter, Fall 2011

Opting Out of the Workers’ Comp System: The Right Fit for Your Business? In Texas, employers have access to a unique framework for opting out of the state’s Workers’ Compensation Program. The opt-out provision, known as nonsubscription, gives employers — both large and small — the opportunity to control and manage workplace safety and occupational […]

Litigation and Trial Newsletter, Fall 2011

“Loser-Pays Bill” Also Affects Addition of Third-Party Defendants When the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 274 earlier this year, the headlines focused on its “loser-pays” provision, which allows the prevailing party in a lawsuit to recover attorneys’ fees and other costs from the losing side. Litigation-and-Trial-Newsletter

Jeff Kershaw and Bill Chamblee presented a two-hour seminar discussing Ethics in Handling Liability Claims, Consumer Protection and the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Group: Unitrin Specialty Insurance Location: Dallas, Texas For more information on this topic or to schedule a future lecture for your office, please contact William Chamblee at whchamblee@chambleeryan.com or Jeff Kershaw at jmkershaw@chambleeryan.com. Both can also be reached at (214) 905-2003. Attorneys: Jeff Kershaw, William H. Chamblee