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William H. Chamblee and Peyton Inge Obtain Defense Verdict in Dallas Trucking Accident Case ◦ Transportation
March 5, 2015

William H. Chamblee and Peyton Inge obtained a defense verdict in a Dallas trucking accident case for a large interstate trucking client.  The District Court jury deliberated less than ten (10) minutes before returning an 11-1 verdict against Plaintiffs.  The case arose after two plaintiffs entered I-35, abruptly crossed a lane of traffic and attempted, unsuccessfully, to dart left in front of Defendants’ tractor-trailer in moderate traffic.  Plaintiffs struck the wheel and right front bumper of the tractor-trailer.  Plaintiffs alleged the tractor driver was negligent and that they suffered serious injury in the collision.  Plaintiffs’ sought damages based on their medical bills which totaled, in the aggregate, more than $135,000.  Defendants obtained expert medical and accident reconstruction testimony that questioned Plaintiffs’ account of the collision.

At closing, William Chamblee simply asked the jury to trust their judgment of the witnesses’ credibility.

Attorneys: William H. Chamblee, H. Peyton Inge, IV