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William H. Chamblee and Christopher Wood Obtain Defense Verdict for Podiatrist ◦ Health Care
October 19, 2015

William H. Chamblee and Christopher Wood obtained a unanimous defense verdict on behalf of a podiatrist in the United States District Court in Texarkana, Texas.  The plaintiff alleged that the podiatrist had not obtained informed consent and failed to properly monitor her in the post-operative phase of her treatment.  She claimed that she did not consent to the course of treatment and did not understand the full spectrum of risks involved in the procedures that were performed to correct multiple deformities in her right foot which were causing her unrelenting and unmitigated pain.  She further claimed that her post-operative care was below the podiatric standard of care, despite multiple instances of documented non-compliance on her part.  Through presentation of extensive evidence from the podiatrist and his medical assistant, subsequent healthcare providers and other experts, as well as the plaintiff herself, the jury considered all evidence representative of the exhaustive efforts the podiatrist had undertaken to correct plaintiff’s multiple foot deformities.   Mr. Chamblee and Mr. Wood were able to successfully show the jury that informed consent was properly obtained and that their client’s care and treatment of the plaintiff was entirely appropriate and well within the standard of care.

Attorneys: William H. Chamblee; Christopher B. Wood