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William Chamblee and Annik Morgan Obtain Unanimous Defense Verdict on Behalf of Medical Doctor – Health Care
September 1, 2021

Bill Chamblee, with the assistance of Annik Morgan, obtains unanimous defense verdict on behalf of medical doctor in bowel perforation case.  During closing remarks, Plaintiff’s Counsel asked the jury to award over $21 million in damages.   Bill Chamblee impressively delivered complex medical concepts and terms to the jury in a way that was understandable and powerful.  And after 8 days of trial, the jury came to its decision in less than one hour.

While Plaintiff’s injury occurred as a result of having undergone surgery, there was no definite answer as to the cause of the injury. Yet, armed with strong expert support for our doctor’s care and our causation theory, the defense team exposed the lack of credibility of the other side’s witnesses, their false damages claims, and ultimately their failure to meet their burden, leading to a big win.

Attorneys: William H. Chamblee; Annik L. Morgan