Client Focus

Companies that move products or people- such as freight shippers, truckers, or companies in mass transportation.  Includes companies that provide logistics and warehousing support.

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Representative Clients

We’ve represented countless transportation companies, especially in the trucking industry, including Central Freight Lines, Inc., Pacer International, Inc., Knight Transportation, Performance Food Group, Atlas Van Lines, FedEx Ground, and FFE Transportation Services, Inc.  We’ve also represented the insureds of numerous companies such as Baldwin & Lyons, Inc., Transportation Claims, Inc., and Motor Transport Underwriters, Inc.  Our attorneys have also represented railroad companies and businesses in aviation.


Chamblee Ryan knows the transportation industry. Many of our clients choose our firm as their national counsel for all their litigation and corporate needs. Using our established and effective defense abilities with decades of proven litigation experience, our attorneys provide our transportation and trucking clients with unrivaled representation.

We won’t steer you wrong. We know the industry and we know your company has a tough road to travel.  Transportation companies must navigate a complex mass of federal regulations, compliance issues, and state-by-state transport rules, as well as avoid employee issues such as personal injury, labor, and safety. Moreover, with rising fuel costs, road tolls, and increasing regulation, companies cannot afford to pay excessive settlements and unfair judgments.  We offer our services as expert counsel in all facets of issues that face the transportation industry: accidents, premises liability claims, nonsubscriber and employment claims, federal motor carrier regulations, as well as commercial and contract disputes.

As counsel for some of the largest transportation and trucking organizations in Texas and beyond, we provide representation, preventative litigation advice, and legal awareness programs. We share our knowledge and expertise with our clients through publications and presentations outlining updates and developments in the industry.

How we drive success. We use our innovative and established defense strategies with years of proven courtroom experience to provide our clients in the transportation industry and their insurers with superior representation.  Chamblee Ryan provides deep experience, broad geographical reach, and a collaborative approach within the firm to allow for the involvement of attorneys well versed in numerous legal arenas.

Additionally, Chamblee Ryan provides insurers and self-insured clients with a 24-7 emergency response team for catastrophic events that may affect the company and their drivers.

We deliver. In the courtroom, we have handled numerous challenging cases including employee negligence, discrimination, and catastrophic injury accidents. We consistently try cases to verdict and achieve favorable results for our clients. Attorneys for Chamblee Ryan have developed strategies for liability lawsuits that aggressively protect the client’s interests, putting the client in the driver’s seat.

Results Driven

Obtained a defense verdict on behalf of a transportation company in a Houston, Texas federal court jury trial where the Plaintiff, a contract driver claiming over $400,000 in past medical expenses, was found solely at fault for his injuries sustained while working in a dock area.

In a Little Rock, Arkansas federal court, successfully defended a transportation company against claims of alleged racial discrimination and retaliation by obtaining a unanimous defense verdict despite testimony of other former employees in support of the Plaintiff; Plaintiff asked the jury for over $500,000 in damages.

Obtained a unanimous defense verdict on behalf of a construction company’s ground transportation branch after an eight-day trial regarding a multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 635 in Dallas, Texas wherein Plaintiffs sought more than $2.5 million for economic and non-economic damages, including nearly $1 million in medical bills.

Obtained a defense verdict for a trucking company for an accident in which the driver of a car was killed after striking the rear of a tractor-trailer, which was partially in another lane.