Client Focus

Companies that make things for other businesses and people, primarily components for those businesses’ finished goods. Includes suppliers of raw material.

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William H. Chamblee
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Representative Clients

We’ve represented companies and their insurers in the manufacturing and production industry including Fluidmaster, Inc., Delta Steel Technologies, Lattimore Materials Company, Moisture Shield, Yates-American Machine Company, Vertical Attitude Sports Group, LTD, and Louisiana-Pacific.


Chamblee Ryan knows that the manufacturing industry faces a wide array of legal battles. Manufacturing is slowing and regulation is increasing; from alleged defective products, increasing government regulation, to the increased pace to keep up with evolving technology, manufacturing clients need guidance to keep up in their business and fend the competition.  We are focused on our client’s best interests, working to provide a superior, cost-effective solution for all issues that may arise.

We meet the manufacturing industry’s demand. Companies in manufacturing are facing an increase in lawsuits for alleged defective products, faulty designs, and product malfunctions. Today, these suits have implications in courtrooms across the country. Our clients cannot accept inferior representation.  We use our innovative and established legal strategies with years of proven courtroom experience to provide our clients in the manufacturing industry and their insurers with superior representation. Chamblee Ryan provides deep experience, broad geographical reach, and a collaborative approach within the firm to allow for the involvement of attorneys well versed in numerous legal arenas. We are prepared to defend our clients in a wide range of lawsuits in Texas and on a national basis.

We produce results. In the courtroom, we have handled numerous challenging cases including product liability claims, employee labor disputes and injury claims, and commercial matters. We consistently try cases to verdict and achieve favorable results for our clients. Attorneys for Chamblee Ryan have developed strategies for lawsuits that aggressively protect the client and their products.

Results Driven

Obtained a take-nothing defense verdict on behalf of an industrial hose assembler in a statutory indemnification case arising out of a prior products liability action after a jury trial wherein Plaintiff sought an award over $950,000.