Texas Origin ◦ National Scope. We are a national trial firm and have conducted hundreds of jury trials since our inception. The fact that our attorneys have handled cases in more than 30 states across the country speaks volumes to the quality of the litigation services provided at Chamblee Ryan. Our attorneys focus specifically on litigation and have the knowledge, skill, and experience to handle complicated and challenging cases. Representing businesses and individuals in state and federal courts nationwide, clients call upon our lawyers not only for our established skill in the courtroom as trial lawyers, but also for their ability to effectively manage the discovery process of litigation.  We also have extensive experience managing and coordinating local counsel around the country.

National Counsel. Today, legal and regulatory complexities of our clients’ industries are increasing exponentially, and as a result, our role as national trial and coordinating counsel has taken on greater importance. Many large corporations may choose to retain numerous law firms in each state where they may find themselves in litigation; this often complicates the process and can dilute the legal talent that represents the company in those jurisdictions. Chamblee Ryan acts as a business partner to help manage high volume litigation and significant claims, and without us, our clients could find themselves subjected to high defense costs, unreasonable plaintiff’s verdicts, and general misuse of time and resources.  Our clients that have us manage their national litigation needs as national counsel enjoy:

  • Consistent national representation;
  • Risk management, guidance, and representation with knowledge of their customs, practices and standards;
  • Management of all discovery responses and production of sensitive documents related to employees, policies, procedures, finances, and other important documents;
  •  Industry knowledge to tackle the most challenging and complex legal issues in their industries; and
  • Elite trial counsel using innovative and established defense strategies with years of proven courtroom experience.

Admission Pro Hac Vice. As opposed to law firms that choose to maintain offices in numerous states and cities, we offer our clients a practical approach to a nationwide practice by keeping all our attorneys in one centralized office, while obtaining admission to each necessary state, county, or city on a pro hac vice basis. With this approach, our clients are assured unrivaled representation in any courtroom across the country.

Discovery Coordination. Our attorneys conduct cost-efficient and time-efficient document production, using attorneys intimately familiar with the client’s documents, policies and procedures, and we manage a customized and easily accessible storage method for each individual client we provide national representation. Our attorneys’ familiarity with the client’s expectations and quick understanding of each jurisdiction’s discovery rules allow for informed, centralized discovery management.

Coordination of Local Counsel. If our clients choose to utilize local counsel for the handling of their claim or suit, our firm assists in locating the best and most appropriate counsel at fair and reasonable rates. We often draw on our longstanding national networks with local counsel and experts. Part of our role as national counsel is not to always handle each aspect of litigation, but to locate local counsel, and then to supervise and direct their work in the best interests of our clients.

Easy Transition. In 2011, a large Texas-based trucking company asked us to serve as their national counsel and to take over more than 50 national cases previously led by another law firm.  Our takeover was efficient and unproblematic.  We were able to quickly collect a team of lawyers, organize our defenses in each jurisdiction, and proved to be a more-formidable presence through litigation, and in several of those lawsuits, later in the courtroom.  Today, that company continues to be one of our most valued clients and our first-rate representation has ensured a partnership for the future.