Results Driven

Experience.  Since our inception, we have established a reputation for favorable verdicts and settlements. Since 1998, we have tried over 140 jury trials. We have represented hospitals and health care professionals, transportation companies, construction entities, food producers and distributors, manufacturers, and numerous other companies or individuals representative of a wide array of industries.  Litigation today, particularly the high-stakes litigation companies often face, has gotten riskier and more expensive.  As a result, many companies are reticent to see their cases to verdict, and fewer and fewer cases are going to trial.  Chamblee Ryan makes litigation cost-effective and we help eliminate risk.  Trial attorneys are like good pitchers- if you do not pitch routinely, your mechanics can get rusty.  Our attorneys actually try cases and our junior attorneys routinely participate in trials.  Chamblee Ryan attorneys have the skills, and the experience, that our clients need.

Results. However, firms are not measured by the number of lawsuits they try; they are judged by the successful verdicts they obtain in those trials. We can achieve defense verdicts that other law firms are incapable of; our opposition knows this too. Results matter and they drive our firm. The success of a client is a success of ours.  For 20 years we have tried high stake civil lawsuits nationwide, obtaining favorable results for our clients.  We’re a mid-sized law firm that is helping change the face of litigation.  We’re smart, creative, and audacious, and our results prove just that.  For an example of some of the results we’ve achieved, see the News & Media section.

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