CR (Old)Our Past. Chamblee Ryan was started by five lawyers in 1998 as a split from one of the largest litigation firms in Texas. Our firm was founded with the goal of providing clients personal, cost-effective and superior litigation services in the fields of health care, insurance, and transportation. Importantly, our lawyers wanted to focus on trying cases and winning. Backed with this strategic direction, our firm worked to become a preeminent litigation firm while serving clients with a deep understanding of their particular industries and their individual company goals. As we grew, we began to establish a significant presence so that any client of the firm needed only one law firm for all of their legal services. Our industry expertise also began to expand into areas such as construction, automotive, hospitality, retail, and manufacturing.

law-firm-chamblee-ryan-a-professional-corporation-photo-1005221Our Present. Since 1998, our attorneys have tried more than 200 lawsuits before judges and juries in Texas and across the nation. This record of actually trying and winning cases in the courtroom, coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit of our firm, has led to continued growth and the addition of new clients in varying industries.  Our present clients range from some of the largest corporations in the United States, to numerous regional middle-market companies, to family-owned businesses, local start-ups and individuals. Chamblee Ryan has evolved into a litigation law firm with a practice that is truly national in scope with experience in over 30 states. Today, our goals remain the same: strive to be an elite trial firm.

CROur Future.  We are passionate about the history of our firm and excited for the future. Our reputation in the legal field continues to grow, with an increasing demand for our lawyers, our trial experience, and our services.  We hope for, and expect, continued growth in the future; however, we will only grow with quality lawyers and with quality clients.  As we expand our expertise into new industries and into a wider range of litigation practices, we know that the future of high-end litigation practice belongs to elite boutiques such as Chamblee Ryan.  We are proud of the work we do for our existing clients and excited for the opportunity to serve new ones in the future.