Client Focused

Industry Expertise. Chamblee Ryan started as a boutique litigation firm in the areas of health care and transportation. Since our inception, we have expanded our industry expertise into numerous arenas including construction, automotive, hospitality, retail, and manufacturing. However, despite the firm’s growth, Chamblee Ryan will always be firm that focuses on litigation and success in the courtroom.  Litigation practice is becoming much more of a business, and litigation firms must understand and adapt to the changes.  To attract and retain clients, Chamblee Ryan attorneys understand not just the particular case at hand, but also the client’s business.

Fortune 5oo to Mom & Pops. We are committed to our clients, regardless of their size or recognition. We are proud to represent clients ranging from large national corporations to local entrepreneurs preparing to start a new business venture. We have many clients that have been with the firm since our founding. Our clients continue to send us additional work, and often new clients are referrals of current clients. The entrepreneurial spirit of Chamblee Ryan has led to continued growth and the addition of new clients in varying industries.

Clients First. We adapt our legal services to meet each client’s unique goals or needs, and we closely handle every matter to assure expectations are not only met- but exceeded. Clients of the firms are afforded a team of dedicated lawyers with real courtroom experience and business intuition. Clients are rewarded with deep resources, responsive communication, and superior legal consulting. We react to changes in the industry that put our clients first. For years now, Chamblee Ryan has been recognized by publications and third parties for excellence among law firms and attorneys in Texas and nationwide. While these recognitions are appreciated, we are more proud of the longstanding relationships we have developed with our clients since the firm’s inception.

Choose Chamblee Ryan. We are passionate about the work we do for our clients and the successes we can achieve together.  From your initial contact with the firm, you will find a dedicated team of attorneys prepared to deliver exceptional results through open communication, superior trial tactics, and an absolute focus on winning.  At Chamblee Ryan, it’s all about the client.  Too many law firms act as if it’s a privilege for clients to have their services.  For us, it’s a privilege for us to serve our clients.  For the stories of some of our clients and the achievements we’ve earned together, see below.