Be different. Be better. We strive to be different from the rest. More to the point, we strive to be better than the rest. We are better than the rest in terms of our qualifications and our approach to practicing law. We aren’t your ordinary law firm.  We don’t subscribe to the standard trappings found in the majority of law firms. In Dallas alone, numerous law firms have a similar law practice to ours and there few differences between them. Too many other firms try to fit the same mold. By design, we aren’t like everyone else. By design, we are different and we are better.

What makes us different? Our approach. Our work environment. Our talent. Our clients. Our results. We’re setting a new standard, and few firms have followed. We’re not like the others. That’s what makes us better.

Focus on winning. There are many forms of victory for a client in any given lawsuit. There are times where a jury trial simply will not serve the client’s best interests. Other times, it’s the only way to best serve the client. For every lawsuit, we develop a winning strategy that may involve strategic dismissal motions, an absolute goal of obtaining a jury verdict, or positioning the case for a favorable settlement.

Clients hire us to win their lawsuit, not simply handle it. We are recognized by opposing attorneys for our aggressive posturing of a lawsuit for trial and our innovative trial strategies. Our approach is to be ready and willing to take any case to the courthouse. Few firms try as many cases to a jury as we do. Our reputation in Dallas as trial lawyers is well known. It’s this reputation that allows us to not only have success in the courtroom, but also allows our clients to achieve success through favorable settlements. Far too often, attorneys without trial experience will encourage their clients to settle for an unwarranted amount without thoroughly examining the facts of the dispute.  These same attorneys want to lose small.  We want to win big.

Focus on trial. We prepare and workup every lawsuit with the expectation that a jury will decide the outcome. From the first reading of the opposing party’s petition, we identify the issues and begin preparing for trial at the outset. From the initial investigation to the courthouse steps, we are prepared for trial. If opposing counsel is not already aware of our willingness to try a case, it will become abundantly clear. We’re always a step ahead.  This gives us a profound advantage over the opposition, in the courthouse and in mediation, as our willingness to try cases helps us earn favorable settlements.

Great talent attracts great clients. Our firm was founded by some of the most recognized trial lawyers in the State of Texas, a state where a lawyer’s reputation is built in the courtroom. Since the firm’s inception, we have added talented lawyers from premier law schools and well respected law firms. It’s this collection of talent that has led to the firm’s representation of large national corporations, growing businesses, and esteemed individuals. The firm’s original clients are still with the firm today. We expect continued growth in the future; however, we will only grow with quality lawyers and quality clients.

Communicate with clients. As a mid-sized firm with big-firm credentials and experience, we handle high stake and complex matters, yet provide the one-on-one service that has become rare with most law firms. Our lawyers plan and execute litigation strategies in close communication with our clients. Phone calls are immediately returned.

Keep costs down. We turn litigation from costly to cost-effective. Workup for a lawsuit is made efficient, not time-consuming. We utilize technology to turn legal research from tedious to streamlined. Cases are not over-staffed. When a favorable result is returned to the client, they are happy with the outcome, and the legal bill.

Moreover, many law firms run their practice in a way that results in exorbitant overhead costs. These same firms pass those costs on to their clients. Our office does not have shelves of leather-bound books and there are no marble floors. You won’t find world-class paintings or a lobby water feature. A lavish office in a prestigious downtown building raises overhead. We instead chose to let our reputation stem from our legal services and trial record.

Be collaborative. We work as a team. Our firm has no defined sections or practice groups. Partners and associates work side-by-side through lawsuits, and often other attorneys are brought in when their expertise or knowledge is needed. Sometimes we just need a fresh perspective. A client of the firm is just that- a client of the firm.

Have a collegial atmosphere. Our firm may have started as a split from a “Big Law” firm, but we had a small firm personality from the start, and that hasn’t wavered. Partners and associates brainstorm on cases, and a good idea is a good idea, whether it comes from a 30 year partner or a first year associate. When we win, a firm-wide email is sent announcing the victory. All staff members that played a role in the win are recognized, no matter how small their role may have been.

We keep it casual around the workplace. There is no unnecessary formality. Suits have their place in a law practice, but it’s not in a conference room during a deposition and it’s certainly not in an office while reviewing boxes of documents. Lawyers perform their best work when they are comfortable. So when you call, we could be wearing a pair of loafers, cowboy boots, or wingtips. Personality is welcomed. Talent and a passion for litigation are required. Suits are not.

Have fun. Within our firm we are colleagues, not competitors. We collaborate as a team in all phases of litigation. Partners, associates, and law clerks routinely spend time together at firm-hosted events outside of the office. For example, on the first Thursday of every month our attorneys spend time together at a happy hour event hosted by any number of local establishments for our “First Thursdays.” All new associate hires are welcomed with an associate lunch at a restaurant of their choosing. After successful trial victories or quarters for the firm, we have a firm-wide party at a venue chosen through employee suggestions. Attorneys and clients also routinely gather for weekends of fishing, hunting, sporting events, and other activities. Bottom line for our firm- work hard and play hard, while eliminating standard barriers found at most standard firms.