Our Firm


We are proud of our long-term client relationships and are continually developing relationships with new and prospective clients. These relationships are based on responsiveness, a drive for results, client-focused legal strategies, and a cost-effective approach to the handling of legal services. We understand that our legal services are just that- a service, and that our clients have choices. It is with this understanding that we aim to develop client-friendly rate structures and billing plans with an eye to the most cost-effective outcome for the client.


The key question for our clients is not only what rate is being charged, but what value are they receiving and for what total costs. We are driven by results, but also with an understanding that clients measure the value of the results by its cost. Our successes are not measured by the total legal fees, but by the client’s satisfaction with the result and its associated cost. Not only are our set of rates highly competitive, but we provide clients with innovative and efficient solutions that meet their needs.

Clients also want to ensure that their law firm can manage a lawsuit to a budget. As part of our initial development of a lawsuit, we provide our clients with an advanced budget and thoughtful planning for a case management strategy. Law firms can set a low billing rate for any given lawsuit, but then overrun the budget by performing unnecessary work or by having too many professionals working on any given matter. We do not overrun a client’s budget by performing unnecessary work that is not warranted by the nature of the lawsuit. After an initial budget is developed, we regularly update the client on the budget and associated billing allowing them to see exactly where their money is being spent and what effect it is having on their desired outcome. Unlike large law firms that can have several staff members repeating work on a single project, we ensure that the right staff member with the lowest billing rate and necessary skill and experience are assigned to complete each project, unless a client directs us differently.

Executing cost-effective litigation requires lawyers that are not only smart, but who exercise quality analysis and judgment. All of our partners have significant trial experience allowing them to anticipate and manage every phase of a lawsuit.


Off-price clothing store founder Sy Syms heralded the adage, “an educated consumer is our best customer.” The same is true for law firms. The more our clients understand about our billing, the more likely they become a satisfied long-term client. This leads to additional work and referrals. Clients receive monthly or quarterly invoices explaining exactly what legal services were performed and which staff member provided the service. Additionally, clients know how long it took to perform the service and how much it cost. Our clients trust us and are confident that our billing is honest, accurate, and necessary.


A law firm can provide a low set of hourly rates for a case; however, that is not always appropriate for every client or for every lawsuit. There may be a more innovative billing solution that may better serve a client’s needs. For any given case, or collection of cases, we are prepared to discuss a variety of alternative billing arrangements including contingency fees, fixed fees, and sheer volume discounts.