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Kimberly K. Bocell Discusses Health Insurance Exchanges on FOX4 News ◦ Health Care
October 4, 2013

In this interview on FOX4 News, Dallas health care attorney Kimberly K. Bocell describes how health insurance exchanges are impacting employers and employees. In his report, FOX4’s Shaun Rabb indicates that some employers are giving some employees money toward the purchase of their own coverage through the exchanges, which have arisen as a result of the federal Affordable Care Act even if not mandated by the Act. “Instead of guaranteeing employees a certain amount of coverage, companies are giving employees money, and allowing them to decide what kind of health insurance they should have,” says Ms. Bocell, a partner at Dallas-based Chamblee, Ryan, Kershaw & Anderson, P.C. Often, Ms. Bocell adds, “employees don’t always make the right decision, when they’re given the right to pick their health care coverage.”

See the video here.

Attorney: Kimberly K. Bocell