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Kimberly K. Bocell on changes to Affordable Care Act on FOX4 News ◦ Health Care
November 19, 2013

In this FOX4 News report, Dallas health care attorney Kimberly K. Bocell says President Obama’s announcement to allow previously phased out insurance policies to remain in effect for another year despite non-compliance with the Affordable Care Act is untenable due to the changes insurers have already made to comply with the Act. “The die has been cast — this has gone into works now,” says Ms. Bocell, a partner at the Dallas law firm of Chamblee, Ryan, Kershaw & Anderson, P.C. “The insurance companies have been working overtime diligently to get the letters out to those whose plans have to be changed or canceled because the plans didn’t meet the Affordable Care Act’s underlying requirements,” she says. “They’ve already worked diligently to process news plans to give consumers other options. Now, (insurers) are being told ‘Wait, back up. Now you don’t have to do that.’ ” Ms. Bocell, a former registered nurse, has dedicated her law practice to assisting health care providers in all facets of health law, including defending health care providers in medical practice litigation and in front of their respective professional boards, as well as assisting with practice issues, business disputes, HIPAA compliance and a host of other health-related areas.

The news piece can be found here.

Attorney: Kimberly K. Bocell