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Jeffrey W. Ryan Obtains Jury Verdict on behalf of Emergency Room Physician ◦ Health Care
February 12, 2018

Jeff Ryan recently obtained a jury verdict on behalf of one Ft. Worth emergency room physician following a directed verdict on behalf of another emergency room physician.  The case which was tried in the 348th District Court, Tarrant County, Texas involved allegations that multiple physicians failed to timely diagnose and treat a 42 year old patient who allegedly suffered from progressive angioedema of the face & throat.  The patient in question had presented to the hospital emergency room on December 11 with complaints of a sore throat and Shortness of Breath.  The patient was discharged with a diagnosis of a possible upper respiratory infection only to return the following day with clear swelling of the throat and airway compromise.  In the course of treatment on the 12th, the patient’s initial intubation attempts failed and she suffered a significant anoxic brain injury.  Plaintiff’s alleged the treating physicians failed to timely recognize, diagnose and treat what was alleged to be progressive angioedema.  The plaintiff’s introduced evidence of a life care plan for their client of nearly $10 million.  Mr. Ryan represented two doctors involved in care on the 11th.  One doctor with minimal involvement obtained a directed verdict as did the defendant hospital.  The case involving the primary treating doctors from the 11th and 12th went to the jury with both receiving complete defense verdicts.

Attorney: Jeffrey W. Ryan