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Jeff Ryan and Jarad Kent Obtain Defense Verdict for Orthopedic Surgeon ◦ Health Care
September 8, 2015

Jeff Ryan and Jarad Kent obtained a defense verdict on behalf of an orthopedic surgeon in Denton, Texas after less than 30 minutes of deliberations by the jury.  The plaintiff alleged that the orthopedic surgeon had negligently performed a total knee replacement surgery on her in 2004.  She claimed that she did not discover the alleged problems with the surgery until she had a revision surgery in 2012 by another local orthopedic surgeon.  She further claimed that the surgical complications had been fraudulently concealed from her.  Through presentation of extensive evidence from multiple healthcare providers and other experts, as well as evidence showing the exhaustive efforts the orthopedic surgeon had spent over the years trying to get plaintiff the care she needed, Jeff and Jarad were able to successfully show the jury that their client’s surgery on the plaintiff had been appropriately performed.

Attorneys: Jeffrey W. Ryan; Jarad L. Kent