Jason J. Richerson
Sr. Associate

Legal Secretary Contact:

Martha Puckett
T + 214.424.8289

Legal Assistant Contact:

Megan Daly
T + 214.424.8251

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Jason Richerson is a senior associate at Chamblee Ryan.

“I’m a very down to earth person. I tend to relate very well to my clients. I believe understanding the client is the key to providing the best service.”

Notable Engagements Insurance Litigation:

  • Represented defendant in COBRA claim alleging fraudulent conversion and breach of fiduciary duty. Result: Obtained initial dismissal, appealed to 5th circuit (reversed on remand for specific issue), obtained second dismissal, no appeal.
  • Represented defendant in multi-district litigation involving more than 20 attorneys. Filed the first motion to transfer venue to northern district. Participated in joint-defense group in drafting motion to dismiss. Result: Obtained venue transfer to northern district, case consolidated with multiple district cases, dismissal granted and affirmed on appeal.
  • Represented defendant in multi-defendant motor vehicle accident. Filed summary judgment stating plaintiff’s failed to “bring suit” within the applicable statute of limitations because the plaintiff must not only file suit within the limitations period, but also use diligence in having the defendants served with process. Result: Summary judgment in favor of defendant.
  • Represented defendants in multi-party litigation alleging insurance fraud and roofing scam. Received televised and editorial attention. Result: obtained non-suit for represented defendants prior to class certification.
  • Represented Plaintiff in coverage action wherein the defendant rescinded plaintiff’s insurance coverage due to false statements and/or omissions on the insurance application.
  • Represented Plaintiff in commercial vehicle fire against Penske wherein the rented vehicle caught fire during interstate travel.

Employment Litigation:

  • Represented defendant employer in FLSA action wherein plaintiff alleged defendant failed to pay overtime in compliance with the act.
  • Represented plaintiff-employee in employment action against employer and obtained a default judgment in excess of $50,000.00. The court granted defendant’s motion for new trial outside its plenary power. Result: Writ of Mandamus granted with binding authority in the 10th circuit holding that trial court’s letter expressed intent that letter was not a formal order and subsequent written order signed outside trial court’s plenary power was void.
  • Represented defendant-employee and defendant-company in a tortious interference and breach of contract action. Plaintiff alleged that employment of defendant-employee by defendant-employer tortuously interfered with an underling employment contract. Result: Obtained Non-Suit of Plaintiff’s claims.

Commercial Litigation:

  • Represented plaintiff in action for money had and received. Plaintiff’s employee fraudulently opened an account and deposited checks in defendant’s bank.
  • Represented plaintiff in breach of contract action wherein defendant purchased plaintiff’s vending business. Result: Trial judgment, $62,500.00, in favor of plaintiff.
  • Represented plaintiff in breach of contract action wherein a partnership venture failed. Result: Trial judgment, $79,540.00, in favor of plaintiff.
  • Represented plaintiff in breach of contract wherein defendant negligently repaired plaintiff’s car. Result: Agreed money judgment, $17,500.00, in favor of plaintiff.
  • Represented defendant in breach of contract action wherein plaintiff’s claims exceeded $200,000.00.
  • Represented plaintiff in excessive force and unlawful search and seizure against a police officer.